Career counselling and coaching

So that you appear authentic.


Career counselling or applicant coaching helps to determine your own position, prepare important decisions and identify new opportunities and supports you in your professional reorientation. In management coaching, we accompany boards of directors and top management in the long term as your confidant in the background.

Individual consultation

If you are about to move to a new position, you have to make a decision. What does this mean for my future career? Are the employment contract and salary offer appropriate? What risks am I taking? Is the reference from my last employer good?

Even a one-time career and orientation consultation starting at 265,- € incl. VAT will help you to make important decisions and to prepare the change well.

Compact Program

At some point in their professional lives, most people come to the point where they critically question what they have achieved so far and want to set a new course. One person feels his job is a dead end, another feels an inner dissatisfaction after years of routine. Even after a drastic event, the question may arise:


"What comes next?"

"Because of your training I was well prepared and went into the assessment centre calmly. I got the job! Thanks a million!"

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Management Coaching

An experienced management coach, who can assess your situation from his own management experience, helps you to reflect on the situation and develop the right alternative courses of action. Your coach is your personal hotline in the background for all management and communication issues that need to be solved acutely.

Management Coaching


Assessment Center Preparation

An assessment center is often required before hiring decisions or internal promotions into the circle of division or department heads. We prepare you for the most important pitfalls so that you can remain calm and show your full potential.

Assessment Center

Are you dissatisfied, or are you threatened with dismissal? Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Find out about our outplacement programs now.

Application coaching

The boundaries between applicant coaching, outplacement, newplacement or career counselling are fluid. If you are specifically looking for new employment, either because you are very dissatisfied or because you are threatened with dismissal, then find out more about our outplacement services. We offer a compact programme starting at €2,000.