Career coaching in a compact program


Recognizing one's own talents and strengths

All people are naturally endowed with different talents and abilities.

While one person particularly enjoys dealing with people, convincing and winning them over and is thus successful in sales, another is particularly analytical and loves solving technical problems and developing new products. Still others have completely different strengths.

Our experience shows that concentrating on our own strengths makes us more successful than trying to compensate for our weaknesses.

This means that you should aim for a job that requires you to use your strengths as often as possible every day. You will master these tasks better and faster than other people. Of course, every job also brings with it the need to do things that are less to your liking and on which you then have to concentrate especially. But these should make up a smaller part of your tasks.

We offer you to get to know your own strengths profile with the help of various test procedures (MBTI, Strengthsfinder).

The manifestation of your strengths: professional successes

The personal inclinations, talents and strengths usually manifest themselves in the choice of profession, career development and in individual concrete successes of the professional stages.

We reflect your strengths in your professional successes.

Depending on the position, "successes" can be very different things. The spectrum ranges from a suggestion for improvement to save work in your department, to a successful event organized by you, to the reorganization of a company. Together we learn which of your strengths you actually use with success. We thus complete the picture from your strengths/weaknesses profile. Because your successes usually result from the general conditions and your talents and strengths.

The presentation of your professional successes lays the foundation for your self-marketing.

The presentation of your own abilities on the basis of concrete and, if possible, numerically representable successes gives you a decisive credibility advantage in the application process.

"Not only did I find a new job with Karent's support, but I also got to know myself better (through the two personality tests and valuable feedback). "

MOre feedback

Determine target position and target company

Only those who have clear goals can also achieve them.

The insights gained from your strengths and weaknesses profile and the analysis of your career stages help to determine a target position and possible target companies. In addition to your own profile, our knowledge of market developments in individual sectors, your individual framework conditions such as mobility, financial expectations and also the feasibility of the desired position will be taken into account.

Now you have a clear goal and the knowledge why you are the right person for the job.

For the job search, this knowledge will help you to pursue your goal with consistency and motivation. In the application process and in the interview you will appear more confident and self-assured, but also more self-critical and authentic than other applicants who are perhaps just looking for "any" job.

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