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Attorney review of an offer to rescind

A contract lawyer from KARENT and specialist in employment law will review a termination or settlement offer made to you from a legal, tax and financial perspective.

This offer is particularly interesting if you are seeking an amicable settlement and would like to avoid a court dispute or an action for protection against dismissal.

The review of the termination offer includes the following questions:

  • Do you retain full entitlement to unemployment benefits, if applicable?
  • What grounds for termination were used?
  • Are all your entitlements (bonus, company car, pensions...) fully covered?
  • How attractive is the severance pay from the point of view of the industry, your company affiliation and the individual situation?
  • Is there potential for tax optimization?

This results in a recommendation to accept, negotiate or reject the offer.

Influence employment contracts

As an executive, you should always have the employment contracts offered to you checked. In particular, if non-competition clauses, fixed-term employment contracts or employment as a senior executive are part of the employment contract, a content and legal review should be carried out.

You should understand in detail what you are signing.

We will review your employment contract and point out any pitfalls. Together we will discuss which points should be renegotiated and in which areas you may be able to make concessions. Particularly in the case of managing director contracts, there is room for negotiation with regard to the term of the contract, the annual salary and the bonus, which should be exhausted according to the personal situation.

In the case of non-competition clauses, it is important to pay attention to which sectors and activities these refer to in detail and which benefits you are offered in return. In the case of contracts as an executive employee, you may largely waive protection against dismissal. In this case, a temporary contract can give you more planning security.

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Preparation or review of the employer's reference

Many personnel decision-makers attach considerable importance to the references of applicants. In addition to the content-related aspects of the structure and the "grade code", statements about you as a person and, in this context, the successes you have achieved are of particular importance for your further career.


A KARENT expert reviews your reference from the point of view of content and form. You will receive suggestions for improvement for the discussion with your employer. In addition to the "grading aspects", we place particular emphasis on the presentation of your personal achievements and concrete successes.

In addition to the correct structure of the content, we also check the grading of your performance in the reference and draw your attention to hidden evaluations.

An important point of attention is usually the motivation for leaving. Are you leaving of your own free will or does the company have to part with you? Together we discuss which option is more promising for your future path.

From this we then develop the important final wording of the employer's reference, the so-called "magic four-sound", which consists of the following aspects: reason for parting, regret, thanks, wish for the future. The formulation of this final wording in the reference is as important as the actual overall assessment and provides the reader of the reference with important information about your relationship with your employer.


In a personal interview, your consultant will work with you to draft a reference that conveys an image that is as positive as possible and that fits you as a person. Since a reference should be "truthful" from a legal point of view and your employer must agree, we ask you to bring any interim references or internal evaluations you may have with you to this consultation.

In addition to the "grading aspects", we attach particular importance to the presentation of your leadership achievements and concrete project successes.

An important consideration is usually the motivation for leaving. Are you leaving of your own free will or does the company have to part with you? Together we discuss which option will be more successful for you on your future path.


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