Career coaching in a compact program

Convincing in the interview

We prepare you for tricky interview questions

Depending on your individual situation and the target position, there are a number of tricky questions for which you should be as well prepared as possible in an interview situation. Together with you, we draw up a list of possible tricky questions and prepare targeted answers to them. This will help you to avoid critical situations and increase your chances of getting an offer. Typical tricky questions can relate to change motivations in your CV, your further career planning or even your relationship with the new employer.

You will then practice answering these questions in concrete interview situations in front of the camera.

"I also received great and very helpful training for my job interviews. For me it was the best decision to take advantage of outplacement counselling at Karent"

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Video training of an interview situation

In the job interview you have to convince a recruiter or line manager of both your professional and human suitability and qualifications as well as your "fit" into the company.

Video training uncovers weaknesses in your self-presentation and communication and improves your chances of getting an offer.

We put ourselves in the position of a job interview that is due to take place in a few days and re-enact it. You will be confronted with typical questions. For almost all clients, there is room for improvement in the following areas:

  • Your own communication and interaction with the interview partner is trained and optimized.
  • Questions about your CV and tricky questions may need to be reworked.
  • Your strengths and achievements in relation to the potential employer are revised. Individual details about the company may need to be researched to ensure optimal preparation.
  • We may work together on a strategy paper that includes your initial ideas for solving the new employer's problems and positions you as a pragmatic doer.
  • You identify whether and under what conditions you are interested in the offered position and compile your own list of questions.

If you have any questions about this offer, please feel free to call us.