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Support services

We want you to be able to concentrate fully on your professional reorientation. Our support offer provides comprehensive services around the professional reorientation.

Office and secretarial services

Our secretariat takes care of typing, compiles application folders, makes copies and supports you with research tasks. We create clear files from your documents for the application by e-mail. We revise or create a meaningful CV.

Concentrate on the essentials and let our secretariat take care of your office work and paperwork.

So that you can concentrate fully on your professional reorientation, we offer you the service that you are used to as an executive from your everyday office life. Already included in all programs from 4 months is the secretarial service regarding your application documents.

Your documents and correspondence will be professionally prepared by our employees, processed and prepared for dispatch, also by email. If you wish, we can also offer you an extended secretarial service, which works like your personal office and includes all correspondence and, if necessary, the preparation of appointments by telephone.

The translation of a cover letter and CV into English is included in all programs from 4 months Executive Level.

Many companies expect their employees to have good to excellent English skills. They therefore also place their job advertisements for positions in Germany in English and expect application documents in English accordingly.

The format we suggest for your German CV is already largely in line with Anglo-Saxon (UK) practice. We can advise you on any additional information that may not yet be included in your German CV but is expected in the Anglo-Saxon world.

If necessary, we also offer to translate your certificates into English. However, in the Anglo-Saxon world, certificates are not as highly regarded, so that their translation is usually not necessary.


Headhunter database

We maintain a headhunter database which we update regularly to reflect the very fast-moving market. It currently contains approx. 500 contact details of headhunters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with around 2,000 consultants. As far as the respective headhunter has a specialization and the fee volume and the number of consultants are known, this information is also included.

Your consultant and our research team will work with you to select and approach headhunters or establish direct contact with some of them. Especially in the executive area, interesting career opportunities arise again and again - especially in the long term.

Company database access

You get access to professional company data of almost all companies with an annual turnover of more than 3 million euros via your Jobsearcher.

A first step in the preparation of the market is usually the implementation of a target company research. Our Jobsearch team will do this work for you and research all companies that are potential employers for you.

In consultation with you, the target company list is expanded or narrowed down and serves as the basis for further research into contacts, the direct approach by our research. We use our own KARENT database, Bisnode and Kompass Europe, as well as other databases for error correction. Upon request, we can also provide you with direct database access.

Client account also via app

For better communication and access to your application documents, status reports, sample cover letters, etc. at any time, you will receive a personalized and protected client account on our server in all programs from 4 months, which can also be integrated into your local file management as a personal application cloud.

In addition, you can also install an app on your iPhone or Android mobile phone, so that you can also quickly send your current CV on the go if necessary.

This account is used by you, your consultant and your researcher to share and store all documents created during the course of the project. In this way, you always have access from any location to your project data, such as your CV, references, target company research and documentation of application progress, campaign planning and the vacancies that our researcher is researching for you. It also helps us avoid a jumble of different document versions during the preparation phase.

In addition, you have access to numerous documentations, worksheets and our headhunter database, which will support you in your professional reorientation.

Access to your account is available to you for six months beyond the agreed consulting period.