Outplacement Guide

Definition of the term: Outplacement

There is no real definition of the term outplacement in German, as the term originated in the USA and was adopted colloquially into German. In our opinion, the best translation is: "Consulting for professional reorientation", i.e. outplacement consulting is understood as the professional support of specialists and managers in their search for a new position.

The term "out"-placement has its origin in the fact that in the past the initiative for the consultation usually came from the employer. The terms "in" or "new" placement would actually be more appropriate, but have hardly caught on. However, the definition is always the same: A consulting firm will conduct a personal assessment with you, work out your next career goal, help you find suitable positions, and prepare you for the interview. Some consulting firms offer pure coaching, others - like KARENT - become active themselves in the search for the new position. Sometimes we appear openly on the market for our clients, sometimes we work more invisibly in the background.

Consulting vs. Coaching vs. Jobsearch vs. Inverse Headhunting. Which outplacement consulting approach is right for you?

Outplacement helps to find a new job faster.

The success rates in KARENT outplacement are high. We have found that our outplacement consulting can cut the period of professional reorientation in half. 97% of our clients, for whom we work for 6 months or longer, find a new position within a year at the latest. As a rule, however, things move considerably faster and often an improvement in salary is achieved. If your employer offers you outplacement counselling, it is best to find out for yourself and independently, as services and fees can vary considerably.

Fees for outplacement vary considerably.

A typical 6-month program usually costs 15-16% of the last year's gross amount with professional providers. For unlimited consulting until success, 20% of the annual gross amount is charged, usually payable at the start of consulting. Below an annual gross amount of approx. 75,000 € annual salary, a minimum fee is usually due. Only a few providers base their fees - such as KARENT - exclusively on the actual service provided, which is usually independent of your salary. Outplacement fees

If possible, talk to the consultant beforehand, who will then actually carry out the consultation.

When choosing an outplacement consultancy, we advise you to have a conversation with the consultant who will then also take over your personal consultancy. Because it is crucial for success that the chemistry between client and consultant is right. A similar professional background can also be helpful, but is less important than your good "gut feeling". Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of outplacement consulting at KARENT.

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