Feedback from our clients

Client experiences in outplacement

We receive feedback from our clients on a daily basis. Above all, we are pleased about the very personal thanks at the end of the consultation. You can find more feedback on

Mr. Figgen gave me the necessary composure by pointing out the process and the probable time until a contract is signed. This also prevented me from entering into discussions too early and possibly "getting burned". Mr. Figgen was also available at all times for brief consultations and recommendations, but at no time did he let me off the hook.


The quality and ultimately the success of the advice depends to a large extent on the expertise and specialist knowledge as well as the individual commitment of the consultant. In Mr. B., I had an extremely competent and committed consultant at my side. He was approachable at all times, even outside of agreed appointments, and adapted very well to my individual situation. Many good tips and advice, especially with regard to the job interviews, helped me a lot. I always had the feeling that I had a very competent and motivating consultant at my side. That was very important for me in my situation.


Today I would like to thank you again very much for your advice and support during my repositioning.
After our cooperation started at the beginning of November last year, I already held initial talks at the end of December, was able to sign a contract in mid-February and have now taken over the chairmanship of the management board at (...). Our cooperation was very effective and goal-oriented, and also very pleasant in all phases. Despite Corona, the response in the market was surprisingly positive, and I had discussions with various companies. I didn't expect it to work out so quickly at the beginning, and now I've even found my dream position. The concept works! Thanks again.

Best regards

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Thank you very much for the kind words at the start! I also wish you a wonderful time and once again very, very
thank you very much for your great support and competence. This was
decisive point for me that I am now faced with such good, new
good, new starting conditions.

Best regards


Hello Mr. Vietense,

it took a long time, but now I have signed a new employment contract. Most recently, I actually had the opportunity to choose between three offers. Two of them were due to initiatives within the scope of our cooperation, one was due to my own efforts. In the end, I decided on a plant management position at XXX, which we had picked out together. Here, in addition to the conditions, above all the interpersonal feeling was also right. I will start on 1.04. So just in time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the excellent cooperation at all times, and for the excellent preparation of all the necessary documents and cover letters. In many conversations, the quality of my application documents in particular was mentioned very positively.

Now I wish you and your family all the best, and you continued success in your consulting work.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again. The positive feedback during the invitations to job interviews speaks for a perfectly prepared CV and for an optimal company selection.
With inquiries from the last weeks (which I cancelled, however) I had the possibility to 11 interviews.

Yours H.S.


Hallo Herr Vietense,

ich wollte Ihnen nur mitteilen das ich eine Stelle habe, hatte sogar die Möglichkeit
mich zwischen mehreren Firmen zu entscheiden. Überall wurde mir mitgeteilt das meine Bewerbungsunterlagen Top waren.
Deshalb wollte ich mich bei Ihnen ganz herzlich bedanken. ich wünsche Ihnen alles gute.

Liebe Grüße

A. B.