Group Outplacement and Active Job Placement

Our group outplacement programme supports groups of employees to reposition in the job market. Before we address individuals, we advise HR managers and works councils on ways in which to structure transfer programmes to jointly ensure the best transfer process for the employees affected.

The combination of workshops, individual counselling and active job searching always maximises the chances of success for your employees and colleagues.

Step 1: Information event or individual first consulting session

As soon as possible after redundancy discussions, we have a takeout session with our clients to outline the opportunities and possibilities of outplacement consulting. Experience has shown that it is best not to delay such a meeting. The employees facing redundancy get a new stimulus and the remaining workforce quickly recognise that their colleagues are receiving effective support

Step 2: Workshops and profiling

Two-day workshops, each with 8 participants, provide the foundations for professional reorientation and offer a profiling opportunity in accordance with §216a. Please refer to our [sample agenda] for our workshop content.

Step 3: Individual coaching

Regular one-on-one meetings address the situation of each employee. We accompany, encourage and motivate the employees, generally for a period of up to six months. During this time most of our clients find suitable new positions. A small percentage will decide to become self-employed.

Step 4: Active Jobsearch

The members of our KARENT Job Search Team are part of a network with all key players in the job market and familiar with regional job market conditions. They search for suitable positions for each individual client and establish direct contact to potential employers. Close coordination between coaching and job searching achieves an outstanding success ratio of up to 90%.

We will be happy to support you in creating the right concept for your employees and colleagues. Contact