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Outplacement and Jobsearch: We find your new job!

Unlike many other outplacement consulting companies, KARENT not only advises our clients on how to find a new job by themselves - we actively search for our clients.

As soon as we have a precise career strategy for you, a jobsearch consultant will join the team. The jobsearch consultant will use all available opportunities to "go to market" for his/her clients: headhunters, classic job offers in newspapers and online, networking, search results from other clients and approaching decision-makers in target companies.

Targeting of decision makers ("inverse headhunting") is highly effective and results in job offers for 80% of our clients. In addition, we cooperate with leading websites to get first-hand information on job vacancies.

All of our jobsearch activities will be fully aligned with you upfront. We search and consult. You decide on the steps you want us to take in your specific case.

10 years ago, we were the first to introduce active outplacement with jobsearch. We continuously kept improving our jobsearch process. Today our clients typically receive first invitations for interviews 4 weeks after the start of consulting and decide on a job offer after 4-7 interviews.


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