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The Chances of Success with KARENT Outplacement

Our objective is to support you in finding a new position as quickly as possible, one in which you will be even happier and consequently more successful than before.
In 2009 33% of our individual outplacement clients found a new position within the first 3 months, 68% within the first 6 months and 98% within 12 months of the start of our consulting programme. The average period needed to find a new job was 5.2 months.
The few cases where outplacement consulting did not lead to the desired success were generally hampered by an underlying issue such as illness or personal time-out.

Individual Keys to Success in Outplacement Consulting

Each client profile and each client situation is unique, making concrete statements very difficult. Generally, success depends primarily on professional experience, qualifications and regional mobility. The career path to date is also significant: if a recognisable theme or ‘leitmotif’ runs through a CV it will be easier for that person to find a new position than for someone with a less consistent background. We therefore devote time to advising out clients about the ‘inner logic’ of their CV.

Decisive action is another key success factor in exploring the job market. Our outplacement programmes have therefore been supported by our Job Search Team since 2004. This focused approach, especially in the search and application phase, has allowed us reduce the average placement period by more than one month and in some cases to establish the only critical contact.

Please refer to our Outplacement Feedback for authentic accounts by our clients. 

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