Follow our Outplacement Tour of the key information in 5 steps:

KARENT Outplacement Process

We jointly assess the status quo in a preparatory phase. We review your strengths and weaknesses and your professional achievements. We then draw on our market knowledge to develop a career ‘leitmotif’ and the focus for your next position. We define the specific characteristics in your CV and personal presentation that will highlight you as the ‘ideal candidate’ for the desired job and prepare you for the upcoming interview.

As soon as we know your next goal, our Job Search Team starts to look for suitable vacancies in the open and hidden job markets. The level of hierarchy and desired position will determine the contact network activated and whether we avail of headhunters or approach target companies directly. We are often aware of vacancies based on projects with clients of a similar background and direct enquiries from HR departments. There are many channels, but all with the same goal: to find the right position for you.

Our clients are typically invited to the first 3-4 interviews after about one month of job searching and generally accept an offer after about 3 months of job searching and about 8 interviews. 

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