For Top Managers: Senior Executive Outplacement

Our Senior Executive Programme addresses board members, chief executives, area managers and directors, who typically have a considerable scope of responsibility and entrepreneurial flexibility.

Our Top Leaders Outplacement Programme offers additional consulting and support for particularly senior managers.

At top management levels, separation is often due to personal differences or a change in company strategy that is also evident in the management team.

Repositioning in terms of outplacement involves determination of career achievements to date, including assessment of relevance in other areas, in order to identify the pertinent decision-makers on the supervisory board or in the circle of shareholders and draw targeted attention to you.

Where clients have a high level of market visibility or operate in niche industries, it may initially be necessary for KARENT to approach the decision-makers and withhold your name until interest is signalled.

The entire Senior Executive Outplacement process is very individual. We are happy to outline our recommended approach to suit your personal situation in an initial confidential meeting.


Follow our Outplacement Tour of the key information in 5 steps.