Transfer-Company or Group-Outplacement

Your employees and colleagues in good hands.


A KARENT transfer company or group outplacement is subsidised by the german government according to SGB §110. It enables employers to reduce their workforce in a socially responsible way at reasonable costs. It is characterised by a particularly intensive support relationship, a personnel separation between placement and counselling as well as optimal qualification.


Intensive consulting for quick success

Our consultants have many years of experience in outplacement consulting and work according to the high KARENT standards. With a particularly favourable consulting key, we ensure that each individual receives intensive support and makes the best possible use of his or her time in the transfer company.


Personnel separation between consulting and job placement

Every KARENT transfer company is accompanied by a jobsearch team. Only in this way can the consultants concentrate fully on advising the clients and not have to acquire jobs on the side. Right from the start, our jobsearchers approach potential employers and build up a job pool that is made available to all clients and consultants via an intranet portal. In this way, we achieve rapid placement successes in the transfer company.


Tailor-made individual qualification

As an independent transfer company, we can select the best qualification provider available on the market in each individual case. This is because the need for qualification is always highly individual and depends on both the previous career path and the new professional goal. We therefore always recommend the targeted use of qualification funds and not a scattergun approach, in order to help each individual in the best possible way.

We support your employees and colleagues during restructuring. We advise HR managers and works councils. We are AZAV certified and apply for funding from the employment agencies for our clients.

Information for works councils and HR managers

HR managers and works councils who have to deal with the topic of a transfer company for the first time have a considerable need for information. You can get an initial overview of the process and the establishment of a transfer company on the following pages or simply give us a call.