Transfer Company – Why you can expect more from us.

A KARENT transfer company is characterised by a particularly intensive consulting relationship, with different people driving job search and consulting, combined with independent and very individual training.

Intensive consulting to expedite success

The success of a transfer company is primarily determined by the quality and intensity of counselling. Our consultants have longstanding experience in outplacement consulting and honour the exacting KARENT standards. Our finely tuned consulting approach ensures that each individual is supported intensively, utilising his/her time in the transfer company to achieve maximum benefits. Once the transfer company has been established, we conduct 2-day workshops in small groups. This sounds a clear starting signal, encouraging each person to participate actively and to create a relationship of trust with the designated consultant.

Different people driving consulting and job search

Each KARENT transfer company is supported by a Job Search Team. This allows the consultant to concentrate fully on advising his/her client, leaving the actual job search to the dedicated Job Search Team. From day one, the team members contact potential employers and create a job pool, which is made available to all clients and consultants via Intranet. This generates placements early on in the process and can reduce the time spent by clients in the transfer company.

Bespoke training

As a free and independent transfer company, we can select the best possible training on the market to suit each unique situation.  Experience has shown that most of our clients already have the qualifications and professional experience needed to find a new job and do not in fact need any training. On the other hand, there are a few cases in which people do need extensive and consequently costly training in order to secure a position in the primary job market. As a result, we recommend considered utilisation of training funds in order to optimise the support given to each individual.

The cost of a KARENT transfer company

The cost of a transfer company is calculated on a case by case basis. The largest expense for the employer – despite subsidies by the Federal Employment Agencies – is the employee payroll.