Transfer company

from the employee's point of view

We know from experience which questions concern employees before, but also directly after, the transfer to a transfer company and that there is generally a great deal of uncertainty. Our internet pages should answer most of your questions.

If you are offered a transfer to a KARENT transfer company, there is usually an advisor on site who can help you and explain the three-page contract and any other questions you may have. At any time, you can also contact one of our offices or your personnel advisor at KARENT directly. We will be happy to help you.

Financial considerations

Is it worth switching to the transfer company?

To answer this question, you need to weigh up what benefits you are entitled to under the social plan if you do not transfer to the transfer company and what benefits you will receive in comparison in the transfer company. The decisive factor is how long it will take you to find a suitable new position under your own steam and without outside assistance.

In many social plans, the transfer to a transfer company is linked to a partial waiver of severance pay or shortened notice periods. If this is also the case in your case, you must consider how quickly you can find a new suitable job on your own, possibly during the notice period or after a short period of unemployment. If you are very confident in this respect, or if you already have suitable offers, the transfer to the transfer company does not usually make much sense. Take the higher severance pay and switch to your new job.

If your prospects for a new job are uncertain, you should switch to the transfer company.

As a rule, your prospects of finding a new job will be less good, but even if the social compensation plan does not provide for any or only a small waiver of severance pay or notice period, switching to the transfer company is almost always advisable.

Since the time in the transfer company does not consume your entitlement to unemployment benefits, you gain valuable time for your professional reorientation and thus security in a difficult situation.

Your chances of finding a job also increase significantly, as you will be accompanied by professional advisors and KARENT will actively search for vacancies for you in the hidden job market. In addition, you can use the time in the transfer company to further your professional training. This also increases your chances on the job market.

My rights and obligations in the transfer company

As an employee of a transfer company, you are legally a normal employee with the usual rights and obligations as in any other employment relationship subject to social security contributions, i.e. you are entitled to regular salary payments, continued payment of wages in the event of illness and paid vacation. Although you are largely free to organise your daily routine, you must still apply for leave and call in sick as normal if you are ill.

However, you are on short-time work 0 and receive transfer short-time allowance. For you, this means that you do not have a regular job to which you have to come every day, but are usually at home and can organise your daily routine largely freely.

However, you are obliged to come to the agreed workshops, job application training sessions and appointments with your adviser. If you have opted for one of the further training courses, you must then also attend the further training. You must also actively seek a new job and be available to the labour market. Longer leaves are therefore only possible with our approval.

What is my insurance status?

In principle, nothing changes in your insurance status in the transfer company, with a few exceptions.

The social security benefits are transferred directly from us to the social security institutions and do not appear as a deduction on your salary statement. You are and will still be fully insured.

Your pension contribution will continue to be paid by us. The amount of the contribution is based on an assessment salary of 80% of your previous regular income, regardless of the actual salary level in the transfer company.

Nothing changes for you in terms of health and nursing care insurance. However, depending on the structure of the social plan and the salary level, in exceptional cases those with private health insurance may have to switch to the relevant health insurance fund.

Full entitlement to unemployment benefits even if you transfer to the transfer company.

Although we, as the sponsor, do not pay any unemployment insurance contributions for you, you remain fully insured. This means that you will receive the same amount of unemployment benefit after leaving the transfer company as if you had entered unemployment directly and without a detour via the transfer company.

Because there are many questions about this, we will illustrate this with a concrete example. If your last net income was 2.000,-€ per month, you will receive 1.600,-€ in the transfer company or the percentage according to the social plan. After leaving the transfer company, parents receive €1,340 and childless employees €1,200 in unemployment benefits per month.

Do I have to join a temp agency?

At KARENT, we generally do not lend transfer company employees to other companies. We also do not expect anyone to accept such offers.

We also do not actively search for temporary jobs in order to then suggest that the employees of our transfer companies transfer to temporary jobs.

Our aim is to place you exclusively in normally paid and, if possible, permanent positions. Experience shows anyway that the pay in the transfer company is often higher than in the majority of temporary jobs offered.

Of course, temporary employment is very diverse and also offers meaningful and reasonably remunerated positions. We will draw your attention to such opportunities when they arise, because such temporary jobs can often lead to a change to permanent employment in the medium term.

What is KARENT doing for my professional future?

We prepare you for the application process, search for suitable vacancies and work with you to find the right further training offer.

Our common goal is for you to find a new job that suits you and your professional and private goals.

To do this, we first need to understand what professional experience and qualifications you bring with you and what private circumstances need to be taken into account. One or two realistic target positions will result from your experience and framework conditions.

Targeted professional qualification, application training and the search for vacancies in the hidden labour market significantly improve your chances.

Together we will consider which further training measure can improve your prospects of finding a new job. The final decision as to whether and how further training should take place is then up to you (within the framework of the budget).

In job application trainings and/or individual consultations you will learn how to apply professionally. With our help, you will create an up-to-date CV and learn how to "sell" yourself well in a job interview.

At the same time, our jobsearch team will start looking for vacancies in the open and hidden job market. We approach all suitable employers in the region. We will already be in contact with many of these employers from other projects. The vacancies found will be collected in a database to which you and your KARENT consultant will have access via the Internet.

And what happens after the transfer company?

As soon as you have found a new job, your employment relationship with KARENT ends. If you leave at the end of the fixed term, you will receive unemployment benefit I.

If you have found a new job, you must terminate your employment relationship with the KARENT transfer company on the last day before starting the new job. An e-mail to the project management is sufficient for this purpose.

After termination, you automatically have the right to return to the transfer company within the agreed time limit. If you have problems with your new employer because you are terminated during your probationary period or because you find that the new job does not meet your expectations, simply come back to KARENT.