Use a transfer social plan

When job cuts become unavoidable, we advise employers and works councils on the design and implementation of a social transfer plan and on the project planning of subsidised outplacement measures and transfer companies.

First of all, employees threatened with unemployment need financial security for the period of transition. However, in the medium term, a new professional perspective in the primary labour market is much more important.

Outplacement counselling, which is funded in accordance with §110 of the German Social Code (SGB), is intended to open up new opportunities in the primary labour market for employees while they are still employed by the employer making them redundant.

The transfer company funded in accordance with §111 of the German Social Code (SGB) enables those affected to extend their receipt of unemployment benefits by up to one year and to use this time for active placement and/or preparatory qualification.

We support your employees and colleagues during restructuring. We advise HR managers and works councils. We are AZAV certified and apply for funding from the employment agencies for our clients.

Social compensation plan or social transfer plan?

We advise works councils and employers in the negotiation of social plans

Negotiating a social plan and a reconciliation of interests in the event of a reorganisation requires a great deal of tact, experience and negotiating skills. Only a few works councils and personnel managers have comprehensive experience and sufficient knowledge of the complex subject matter and up-to-date knowledge of the legal situation.

Both sides are therefore well advised to consult experienced advisors in order to achieve the best possible result for all parties involved. "Good" social plans and reconciliations of interests take equal account of the economic situation of the company and the various interests of the employees affected. In principle, the social plan should be adopted before agreement is reached on a reconciliation of interests.

Compensation social plan or transfer social plan?

We often experience discussions as to whether a "severance pay social plan" or a "transfer social plan" with a transfer company is the better choice. A successful social plan, on the other hand, offers employees the options that best suit their individual situation. For example, an older family man needs different protection and support as well as qualification offers than a young single person. However, both fall under the same social plan.

We help you find solutions that offer the right combination of social security, qualification, counselling and active placement in a new job for the individual and make full use of all legal options.