Successful in the market for more than 15 years

When Christian von Goetz, became an outplacement candidate himself following a management board change in 2001, having held management positons at Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Bank and Reckitt Benckiser, he was initially persuaded by the possibilities offered by outplacement.

A consultant holding up a mirror to you and questioning your expectations, ideas and career goals had to be a valuable repositioning tool. The initial enthusiasm was short-lived, however, when he discovered that execution of the developed strategy was the task of the client alone. No service provider in the market offered useful support when it came to actually finding a new position. Here, the candidate was on his/her own.

Inspired by the idea of providing more effective support, he founded KARENT Outplacement Consulting together with a team in Frankfurt/M at the beginning of 2002. From the start, alongside the always important consulting role, critical focus was on the actual search for vacancies for the client. The consulting process itself was consistently tailored to this objective and has been continuously developed over time. Success came quickly and new offices were opened in 2003 in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich.

The Harz III reforms in 2004 prompted expansion of the service portfolio to include newly-created transfer companies, once again with primary focus on prompt placement of the clients. In the years that followed, new offices were soon opened and the workforce of employees and consultants steadily expanded. KARENT is now one of the three leading specialists in the area of outplacement and transfer companies. The focus on clear positioning and a search strategy including successful implementation remains its unique selling proposition.