The advantages of the Transfer Agency



Outplacement consulting and the transfer company can be combined to form a transfer agency.

This model is particularly suitable if the employees are to be made redundant at a later date and work is available for the employees up to that point. Examples of such cases are plant relocations and/or plant closures with longer planning lead times.

After agreement on a social plan and a works meeting, we set up an applicant centre in the company, search for vacancies and support the employees in the application process.

The aim is to ensure that as many employees as possible are able to move to a new employer at the time of the closure.

Those employees who have not found a new position by then are offered a transfer to a transfer company.

For the employees, the transfer agency has the advantage that the chances of finding a new position from an existing employment relationship are significantly better and a large proportion do not even move to the transfer company.


We support your employees and colleagues during restructuring. We advise HR managers and works councils. We are AZAV certified and apply for funding from the employment agencies for our clients.