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How we find your new job

As soon as a clear, coherent objective and a suitable positioning in the form of a CV, documents and self-portrayal have been developed, one of our researchers will contact you. This is approximately four weeks after the start of the consultation. Depending on the client situation, this can also take place later or earlier. Please contact us if you have special wishes regarding the start of the researcher. The ideal way is and remains inverse headhunting, i.e. the direct approach of decision-makers in suitable companies. This is the most time-consuming and fastest way. It leads to success for over 70% of our clients. Of course, no opportunity should remain unused, so we consistently pursue all routes into the job market.

Inverse headhunting

In the first step, we carry out a broad target company search. Our aim here is that you do not "land" with any employer by chance in the course of your outplacement consulting and inverse headhunting. Rather, we want to make the job market relevant to you transparent, giving you an overview of as many opportunities as possible before you make a decision.

We have our own company database and also use leading providers of company information.

Once the target position and target companies have been determined, a KARENT Research employee will conduct a target company search for you. This will initially include all companies that potentially offer a job that matches your target position. We will then narrow down this research further according to your preferences or may have to expand it if your target market turns out to be very narrow. As a rule, we first work with a "shortlist" of those employers who are particularly interesting to you, but who also have a high probability of needing your profile. Then we work with one or more "longlists" that cover broader market segments.

In each case, we determine which decision-makers in the company should be approached for the target position. Depending on the position and the company, this could be the HR department, a division manager, a managing director or even a shareholder or supervisory board. Then we decide for each target company which way of approaching these decision-makers is most promising. This can be done through the KARENT contact network, a direct approach or occasionally through a contact from your own network.

This way our clients have the first 3-4 interviews about four weeks after the start of the research and decide on an offer after about 4-7 interviews. If more interviews are required in individual cases, the strategy should be reviewed with the client.



In Germany, there are about 2000 people working as consultants in the field of recruitment and executive search. There are about a dozen larger companies and numerous smaller consulting firms, as well as even more lone wolves.

If companies have to fill positions with very narrow profiles, where special knowledge is required or if the filling of this position should not become known in the market, so-called "headhunters" are often called in.

We advise you on the selection of suitable headhunters and on the right approach.

Our objective is to place your profile in the internal databases of approximately 30 to a maximum of 50 headhunters. Prior to interviews with headhunters, we prepare you specifically for the contacts and familiarise you with the headhunters' selection methods and procedures. Our common goal is to make the individual headhunter your ally in the application process.

Experience shows, however, that the path via headhunters is comparatively slow. Therefore, our clients often only benefit from these contacts when you have long since been in your new job and then, after perhaps two or three years, are again willing to change.

"The response in the market was surprisingly positive despite Corona, I had interviews with various companies. I didn't expect it to work out so quickly at first, and now I've even found my dream position. The concept works! Thanks again!" more client feedback

Xing and Linkedin

Social media is becoming more and more important. Candidates are being screened and more and more companies are reducing their recruitment costs by employing their own recruiters who then approach suitable employees via Xing and Linkedin. Once your objective and CV have been approved, our social media specialist will contact you and work with you to optimise your accounts. With the right strategy, you will be better found by recruiters and also headhunters for the appropriate hits and keywords. We also advise you on how to deal with your current situation in social media.

Contact network

If we can approach a decision-maker on the basis of personal contact, the chance that you will be noticed increases and that you will not be lost in a pile of profiles. Our goal is to get you in the conversation for a new position before it appears in the open job market in the form of a job ad, newspaper or job board. To achieve this, we rely on three pillars of contact networking:

The KARENT network

The KARENT network is fed by various sources. Through our many years of activity in outplacement, which KARENT was one of the first providers to include the direct search for vacancies, we have built up a database of decision-makers, which now includes a five-figure number of decision-makers. In addition, we use our contacts to our corporate clients and the knowledge we generate through inquiries from the market, as well as the personal contacts of consultants who worked in industry or the service sector before joining KARENT, and the contacts to our former clients.

In the area of our senior executive and especially top leader clients, it also makes sense to establish contacts to important decisions via intermediaries (or women) in prominent positions. Often the contact to the target person does not exist directly, but can be reached via detours. For this, however, an at least latent interest in a contact with our client must be presupposed. Something because the name of our client is generally known or at least in the industry, or the last position at the last employer let expect a potentially interesting conversation.

Current knowledge about vacancies from ongoing projects

In the course of their professional reorientation, every client learns about vacancies not only through KARENT Research, but also through their own activities. Most of them, however, will not be suitable for him or her. We network this knowledge with other similar projects. In this way, each client actively contributes to the network and at the same time benefits from the knowledge of the other clients.

Their own contacts are usually linked to a personal recommendation.

In addition to benefiting from KARENT contacts, your own contacts can be an important source of new opportunities. This is because a contact from your own network is usually linked to a personal recommendation. A recommendation by a friend, acquaintance or colleague usually has a higher value than a recommendation by a professional consultant. We help you to recognize your own network and to expand it in a targeted manner.

Job advertisements and job applications

In addition to the search in the hidden job market, the open market also offers numerous opportunities. It is true that many job advertisements in the daily newspapers or job exchanges receive over a hundred applications. However, with the right application strategy, we can significantly increase your chances of obtaining one of these jobs.

4-6 weeks after the start of the consultation, your researcher will also start searching for vacancies in the open job market and inform you about available positions.

For this search in the open job market, the researcher needs as precise a briefing as possible from you and your consultant in order to place only suitable jobs in your client account. In addition to the well-known, publicly accessible databases, we also use metadata databases and databases for which a fee is charged in order to find as many open advertised positions for you as possible. In a discussion with your KARENT consultant, you will also learn to read job advertisements in detail and to carry out profile matching. Advertisements that do not fit will be sorted out immediately. If you have any questions about the job or the advertisement, we will clarify further details in a discussion with the potential employer. Together we design tailor-made applications and prepare you ideally for the application by researching the target company.

The job application is the fastest way to the new employer.

Even though less than 1% of our clients find new employment via this route, the comparatively low effort can be worthwhile if the target position has sufficient market breadth.

Based on your positioning and the career goal you have developed, you design a target-oriented job application together with your consultant and decide on the appropriate medium.

We process and sort the responses for you. Together you and your consultant discuss which inquiries should be followed up. Often the responses consist mainly of advertising and offers from various structural distributors. Occasionally, however, there is also a suitable position.

Consulting services are part of all outplacement programs. In the guarantee programs, KARENT assumes the costs for the placement of the job application if, in our opinion, this has a chance of success for the position sought.

However, your most important job application today is your presence in the social media, especially on Xing and Linkedin. Here, the chances of being contacted are considerably higher.