Career coaching in a compact program

Preparing for the application phase

The Professional Resume - A good resume is your most important sales document in the application process.

Especially when applying for jobs, the individual CV is often given no more time than perhaps 30 seconds. Therefore, your most important arguments should be graspable in this time. However, if you are interested in your profile, it should also contain more in-depth information.

Successes instead of responsibilities

Your KARENT consultant will work with you to develop a CV that not only includes professional stages and your responsibilities in these stages, but also shows what successes you have achieved for your employers. Your CV should be tailored to your target position and demonstrate your personal strengths with examples of success.

Show personal development

There is no such thing as the ideal layout or scope of a resume. Different careers require different ways of presentation. It is crucial that a common thread and a personal development become recognizable. Dealing with breaks or gaps in the career requires our special attention. From thousands of consulting projects we know which CVs work and which mistakes to avoid.

We offer you a consultation on your CV in a personal conversation with a consultant at 19 locations as part of a one-to-one consultation for 265,-€ (incl. VAT).

Optimally prepared for the e-mail application

In many cases, an application by e-mail can be a useful addition to a traditional application or the only way accepted by the recipient. However, due to the many different program versions and software standards, CVs and documents sometimes arrive at the recipient in the wrong format. Also, references should not be sent in the form of a dozen files or in a volume of many megabytes, as this is an annoyance for the recipient or simply does not arrive.

We create your documents in PDF format and enable you to present yourself in a professional manner.

The PDF format is the industry standard for electronic documents. This ensures that all recipients can open, read and print your documents, while protecting them from tampering. PDF files can only be changed by the recipient with great effort.

We scan your certificates in an optimal resolution and combine all documents under a single PDF file. The storage volume remains below the critical size of 5-10 megabytes. This size is suitable for e-mailing without any problems.

Your curriculum vitae in English

Many companies expect good to excellent English skills from their employees. They therefore also place their job advertisements for positions in Germany in English and expect corresponding application documents in English.

Of course, English documents are also indispensable if you want to apply abroad.

A native-speaking personnel expert from KARENT will translate your German CV into English. We will format it according to Anglo-Saxon conventions. We may ask you to provide additional information if your German CV does not fully meet the information content requirements. If necessary, we will also have certificates translated into English. However, in the Anglo-Saxon world, certificates are not as highly regarded, so that their translation is not absolutely necessary.